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JavaScript and jQuery

JS Programming

  • JS Programming: a JavaScript alert, math operators, variables, the console, functions, changed HTML values and wrote a switch statement.
    i Luv JS
  • HTML review: we completed an online HTML Fundamentals Course via SoloLearn.
    HTML_Fundamentals Certificate

Team Work

  • Group work: in a group of three, we wrote a game that prompted the user to answer questions and took action based on the answers.
    team work
  • Math 5 or Add & Multiply: games. One prompts for 5 math equation answers; the other prompts for two numbers, then adds and multiplies them, respectively. The results are output in an alert or to the screen, respectively.
    Math 5 or Add Multiply


Strings & Arrays

  • String & Array Methods: an app that uses many string and array functions.You enter a string of at least 15 characters, and several string and array operation results are output.
    String & Arrays

Radius for Area

  • The area of a circle: a script that prompts for the radius of a circle then calculates the area and alerts the answer. Next it prompts for four numbers, and outputs them plus displays the maximum and minimum values.
  • Random Character Generater: sea creature fantasy.

The Document Object Model, or DOM

  • Document Object Model: The DOM is a cross-platform and language-independent application programming interface that treats an HTML, XHTML, or XML document as a tree structure wherein each node is an object representing a part of the document. The objects can be manipulated by code and any visible changes occurring as a result may then be reflected in the display of the document.
    Document Object Model
  • Top JS Programmer Qualities: an interactive list the user can append.

Inspect Debug Methods


  • Events per Software Download: a special displays on top main page. The client must interact with the ad before access to the main page is granted.

Free Code Camp

  • Report: Completed many JavaScript/jQuery, HTML and CSS courses at FreeCodeCamp.
    code camper

The Maker Bus

  • AJAX/JSON: a time-tabel for the maker bus that refreshes sections of the page without reloading the entire page.
    the maker bus

jQuery Plugins

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MTA: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript - Certified 2018

  • Earners of the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript validate the skills and knowledge to recognize and write syntactically correct JavaScript code, use data types supported by JavaScript, and be able to recognize and write JavaScript code that will logically solve a given problem. The MTA program provides an appropriate entry point to a future career in technology.