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Patrick Olesiak's Resume

Objective: Obtain a job using my web design skills to increase productivity and earn a living wage. Information is easily accessible on the internet, and my educational and work experience in web publishing allow me to work with a team to upload quality information in an easy to retrieve format.


Work Experience:

Professional Skills:


The status of my graduation from Long Beach City College with an Associate’s of Science degree in Web Development is complete as of December 11, 2019. However, the annual graduation ceremony is in June of 2020, and a date to pickup my degree has not been set. General education for this degree included: English Composition, Weight lifting, Logic, Anthropology, Marine Biology, Nutrition, Political Science, Astrology, Philosophy, and History. Advanced math including college algebra and geometry were taken while studying Computer Science/Information Systems during the 1990’s at College of the Desert. The variety of subjects studied have increased my knowledge and make me an idea candidate for placement in a variety of jobs.


I look forward to discussing my career opportunities and providing references.